CAC’s strong, light and beautiful products have excited many people around the world, setting the bar for quality in the automotive market.

The choice of technologies and products on offer make CAC the ideal partner for world renowned customers and brands. As an end-to-end systems integrator, the company works with customers from initial design concept through product development, prototyping and static engineering testing and qualification, culminating in consistent, high quality series production.

CAC’s strengths lie in its understanding of the customer requirements, as well as creativity and flexibility in undertaking new development projects.

In addition, the attention to Quality Management and commitment to continuous improvement, the ongoing development of employees as well as the modern facilities assure the highest customer satisfaction.

The company has recorded above-average growth over recent years, and is set to accelerate in the future, CAC can adjust promptly and swiftly to changes in the automotive industry and to the changing needs of customers. The high level of competence in the field of new developments and systems supply, along with our strategic global partnerships, ensures an outstanding position against competitors.